Welcome to DutyFree Weddings! Our primary approach is a photojournalism style while specializing in creative photography. We hail from Houston, Texas, although we are also ready to shoot your destination wedding! Our goal is to capture the feelings and emotions of the event in our photography so that our clients can cherish their day forever.  From photographing a three-day ceremony in India to a backyard BBQ in Texas, we want to be there!

DutyFree Weddings employs two photographers, both Alyssa Orr and Cody Duty. Between the two of us, we surpass 10 years of experience as photojournalists. With a background in both newspapers and journalism, it has made us more well-rounded photographers and it's prepared us for any situation. 







Alyssa has been recognized by the Kentucky Newspaper Photographers Association, College Photographer Of The Year, and Eddie Adams Workshop.


Cody has been recognized by the NPPA, College Photographer Of The Year, Sports Shooter, the Associated Press, the Hearst Corporation, Kentucky Newspaper Photographers Association, the Alexia Foundation, and Eddie Adams Workshop.

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